Today's aggressions and conflicts between people are moving from the traditional battlefields towards the urban environment, and it has made us a new fear factor.


It has become a serious conflict, where success is counted by the number of human civilian casualties, and because terrorism is random and unpredictable, it is seldom enough to fight back in the same matter.

We need to add a defensive strategy.

We will design and deliver materials, to produce and market sustainable security and human defense systems against heavy vehicles, bullets and bomb fragments placeable in the open urban environment and in buildings of any size.


The products will be easy to handle and deploy in any surroundings, while the design is developed to blend in discreetly wherever it is placed and shall have no reference to any fear factor, whatsoever.


The patented technology and water in the structure of the stone wool create many small water pockets that can absorb and distribute the energy more efficiently in the ballistic dampening material. Each product design and material combination will have a specific purpose and subject to approvals and certifications.

Zhelt Podium is our first product 


Copenhagen - Denmark

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