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Zhelt Podium is a cylindrical mobile barrier filled with our highly absorbent and patented stone wool and when you add water, it becomes a solid, easy to deploy, re-useable and sustainable barrier to individuals and crowds in most public environments. Zhelt Podium is a product of Danish technology and clever design with a large array of benefits and possibilities. We are proud to present to you, what probably is one of the best solutions for mobile human defense, that the market can offer right now, and we invite you to get familiar with the major advantages, Zhelt Podium can offer with very positive feed-back

The list price is EUR 2.000,- ex. VAT and delivery 


The advantages of Zhelt Podium 1200

When deployed and the stone wool is filled with water the 120 cm. high cylinder with a diameter of 120 cm. goes from a dry net weight of 200 kg. to a hefty gross weight of 1.300 kg. The special stone wool absorbs 95% water in endless and very small pockets between the fibers. This means a solid barrier and trustful protection. Furthermore, this outstanding shield, including our patented and ballistic dampening material, can be configurated and designed to fit any location and venue according to any customer wish and specifications.






One of the major advantages of Zhelt Podium 1200 is its versatility. As a mobile barrier Zhelt Podium will fit in any environment for any occasion and the water can be drained via a tap in the bottom, redeployed with a pallet lift and refilled via four inlets in the top. Zhelt Podium 1200 weigh app 450 kg. after water is drained. This mean a weight reduction of close to 70% The mobile barrier construction can be designed in practically any size and shape to meet special needs from the customer and it can be designed with applications, planted with trees or flowers and even perform as a bee-saver.



@ Zhelt Human Defense we are collaborating with designers and urban planners to meet any need for customization of our products. We find it very important to give our barriers an aesthetic expression and to eliminate as much fear-factor as possible. Also, because, several urban studies suggest that attractive solutions in our cityscape will minimize vandalism. Call or mail us today with your requests, and we shall do our very best to make your wishes come true.




As an added value we can offer to give your Zhelt Podium 1200 an advertising element. Where many people are gathered such performance can have a huge commercial impact and practically make this human defense pay for itself and with our 3D rendering tool, you can have an instant view of how the mobile barrier will look, when flying your company colors or product on the Zhelt Podium 1200. The elastic lycra cover is easily changed a new logo, picture or information. Contact us today the list price is EUR 250,- ex. VAT and delivery